Zoom A2 Multieffects Review


24-bit and 96kHz

It is capable to produce the full body resonance and the spatial ambience of an acoustic instrument captured by a mic, so to obtain a natural sound through a 24-bit/96kHz sampling frequency and an advanced technology in modeling. The heart of the A2 is a new chip developed by Zoom: the ZFX-3. This 32-bit chip allows a detailed signal processing and no deterioration.

The Global module

The entire unit is based on two main parameters. They vary the frequency response, above all, and can be selected to match the overall functioning to a specific context. Each parameter allows a series of selections. Fundamentally, they emulate a specific type of amplifier and the characteristics of the pickup.


  • Combo
  • Bright Combo
  • Stack


  • Piezo
  • Magnetic
  • Single-Coil
  • Humbucker

47 effects

They are organized in eight modules and provide many possible variations. For example, there are 3 different Choruses and 9 Reverbs. A module with a limiter and a compressor can be used to avoid peaks and distortions. In addition there are 80 patches, 40 for the user and 40 preset.

12 simulations

With the A2 Zoom lets you emulate 12 very famous acoustic guitars. In addition, this module provides a switch to select the emulation of a mic that allows two positions: Dynamic and Condenser.

  • Martin D-28
  • Produced, for the first time, in 1931. This Dreadnought instrument is legendary. Absolutely one of the most famous guitars in the world.

  • Martin 000-18
  • Compared to a Dreadnought, the body is smaller. It produces a bright and detailed sound, perfect for the recording.

  • Tacoma C3C
  • The main characteristic is the soundhole position, that produces a midrange tone, typical of this instrument.

  • Nylon
  • It simulates a nylon-string guitar.

  • Dobro 27
  • If the Country Blues is your music, this is the patch for you.

  • Resophonic
  • A great treble emphasis.

  • Gibson SJ-200
  • Very famous. Its main characteristic is the extra large body and the rich low-end.

  • Gibson J-45
  • The tone is warm, and the attack is really remarkable. A good solution for the Blues.

  • Ovation Adamas
  • A very famous electro-acoustic guitar.

  • Selmer Maccaferri
  • The main characteristic is the mid/high-range tone.

  • National Resophonic Style 0
  • This patch produces a metallic sound.

  • Tube Preamp
  • This Zoom original creation is the emulation of a preamp.

General opinion

Well, if we consider the price we can say that the A2 is an excellent product. The acoustic guitar simulation is a difficult operation, but this device makes a good job and allows a great flexibility. My opinion is absolutely positive.

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