TC Electronic Shaker Effects Pedal : Review


2 modalities

This excellent device provides two different possibilities for the use of Vibrato that we will see later. 4 controls let you adjust the effect as you need, with the addition of the TonePrint technology that provides a large quantity of custom patches made by famous guitarists.
It features 2 bypass types: true and buffered. Buffered can be very useful if the pedal is used in an effects chain. It can be selected via an additional switch located in the battery compartment.
The Shaker is built with quality components and a modern electronics.

For the adjustment

  • Speed
  • The Vibrato consists in a regular change of the pitch. It adjusts the length between the variations.

  • Depth
  • The intensity.

  • Rise Time
  • The manual says that it adjusts the necessary time to reach the specified depth. So, it works in conjunction with Depth.

  • Tone
  • The equalization. By turning this control fully clockwise and selecting the Latch mode, the Shaker emulates a Leslie.

Type selector

It features a switch that can be used to choose between two modalities, or to select the TonePrint function.

  • Vibrato
  • In this position it produces a classic Vibrato.

  • Latch
  • When it is in this position the bypass drives the activation of the effect. When you press and hold, the Vibrato is on, when you don't press it is off.

  • TonePrint
  • A TC Electronic technology that lets you download ready-to-use custom patches from the TC Electronic website. They can be uploaded to the Shaker via the USB port.
    They are made by famous guitarists, like Yogi Lonich, Billy Morrison, Richard Fortus, Uwe hassbecker, John Petrucci, Doug Aldrich and many others.

Sample Settings

These two examples are included in the manual.

  • Lucy In The Sky
  • Lucy In The Sky
  • Tremolo Bar
  • Tremolo Bar


The Shaker produces a very good sound and is built with quality components. Another valid TC Electronic product.

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