TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Effects Pedal : Review

Hall Of Fame

Flexible and complete

4 controls, 10 different reverb types, a selector to choose between a long pre-delay or a short one, a switch under the battery cover to choose between 2 bypass types (true and buffered) and the ON/OFF.

  • It adjusts the time, the duration, that obviously can vary according to the selected type. This means that the maximum value depends on the selected type, and it's not always the same.

  • TONE
  • The equalization. By turning this knob counterclockwise you can cut highs, so to make the sound darker.

  • Like the name suggests it adjusts the effect volume, not the overall volume. The direct signal, your guitar, is always at the same level of the input.

Types (MODE)

10, for all the possible contexts.

  • ROOM
  • It simulates a small room.

  • HALL
  • A large environment.

  • Very famous.

  • A vintage reverb. A Characteristic is the bright sound.

  • A very large ambient. If Hall isn't enough large for your purpose it can be a solution.

  • MOD
  • It adds some modulations.

  • LOFI
  • Particular and original.

  • TILE
  • It is perfect if you want to emulate the sound produced in a bathroom.

  • AMB (Ambience)
  • Very short.

  • GATE
  • A classic for drums, and can be suitable to particular situations with the guitar or another instrument.


The time between the direct signal and the reverb. The Hall Of Fame provides a selector to choose between two settings: Short and Long.


Ready-to-use settings that the user can download from the TC Electronic website and that can be uploaded to the pedal via the USB port. When you select a TonePrint all the controls will react as defined by the author.
They are made by TC Electronic and some famous guitar players, for example Troy Van Leeuwen and Paul Gilbert.

Two bypass

A switch under the battery cover can be used to select between two types: true and buffered.
Buffered can be useful if you use a large number of pedals in your effects chain or with long cables. Generally it must be selected in the first and in the last.

Kill-Dry on/off

If you select buffered you can select also another option with an additional switch: Kill-Dry on/off. If you select ON, the pedal will remove the direct signal from the output. This is the best solution when the Hall Of Fame is used in a parallel effects loop.
With True this option is not available.

General opinion

It is really an excellent pedal with all the necessary for your guitar. If we consider all the functions of this device we have to say that it has an extraordinary quality/price ratio. Really incredible.
As regards the sound quality the Hall Of Fame is a TC Electronic product. Nothing to say.

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