TC Electronic Nova System/Limited Multieffects Review

Nova System/Limited

Analog in a digital system

Certainly a superior device, compared to many other floorboards in the market. The excellent quality of the audio, the operational simplicity and a large number of high quality effects are only a part of the added values.
The real masterpiece of this TC Electronic product is the analog generation of the distortion in a digital world that makes settings simple and immediate.
It doesn't feature the True Bypass but the great quality of the electronics produces always an excellent signal, also when it is off. Perhaps this characteristic can be a problem for the purist, but it's so.

NDT (Nova Drive Technology)

The heart of the Nova System is the NDT, an innovative drive and distortion circuit that combines the quality of the analog generation with the simplicity of the digital control.
The philosophy is that the Drive isn't an emulation, like other floorboards, but the consequence of a 100 percent analog circuit, while the control is completely digital. In few words, the perfect combination of the two worlds.


It is a TC Electronic product, so it provides some really high quality effects. Everything in a compact device. The 30 factory presets can be alternated with 60 user programmable memories, and the floorboard features two footswitch layout: preset and pedal.
Effects are organized in 6 sections. Let's see them.

  • Compression
  • EQ and Noise Gate
  • Modulation
  • Pitch
  • Delay
  • Reverb


The Nova System lets you choose three different options.

  • Serial
  • Serial
  • Semi Parallel
  • Semi Parallel
  • Parallel
  • Parallel

Options for the connections

It features a complete set of analog (balanced) and digital inputs and outputs. In addition there is a complete MIDI section (IN, OUT, THRU).

Midiox and SysEX

The user can download other presets, besides those already installed, that, thanks to the MIDI, can be used in the Nova System. On the TC Electronic website there is a page where users can download 44 patches.
The most simple solution for the transfer is the use of a free tool, Midiox for the PC and SysEX Librarian for Mac. The links to these two free tools are in the same page where users can download the new presets.


Easy, but for a full efficacy the suggestion is that the optional G-Switch pedal is necessary. With the external pedal settings are really fast and many parameters can be controlled in real-time. So my opinion is that the G-Switch cannot lack.

Manual and firmware

The good manual explains all the features of the floorboard, but where is really complete is in the effects section.
The firmware for the upgrade can be downloaded here: In the same page the user can download the guide for the software upgrade.

Limited Edition

The Nova System and the Limited Edition are the same thing! The only difference is the color and that the Limited Edition provides some presets that have been made by some famous guitarists. But they can be downloaded and transferred to the original version.

Limited Edition

General opinion

The Nova System is an excellent floorboard, but this is not a novelty with a TC Electronic product. Yes, it is an expensive device, but the quality, the real quality, costs.

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