TC Electronic Vortex Effects Pedal : Review


Main characteristics

Feedback, Speed, Depth and Time, with high-quality potentiometers. In addition, like other TC Electronic products, it provides a selector that can be used to choose between two available options and the TonePrint function.

  • Feedback
  • The number of the short modulations that generate the effect. At 12 o'clock position the value is 0.

  • Speed
  • Obviously, it modifies the speed of the modulations.

  • Depth
  • It adjusts the intensity.

  • Time
  • The Delay length. Obviously, it modifies the duration.

3-position switch

  • Flange
  • Simply, a modern version.

  • Tape
  • A Vintage version. Once the Flanger was obtained with the use of a tape recorder.

  • TonePrint
  • Ready-to-use patches that the user can download from the TC Electronic website. The Vortex features a USB port that is used to upload TonePrints. They are made by some famous guitarists, like John Petrucci, Steve Stevens, Matt Beck, Grant Baton and so on.

Two bypass types

Thanks to a switch under the battery cover it features two different bypass types: true and buffered. Buffered can be useful if you use many pedals at the same time, or if you use a long cable between the guitar and the first pedal or between the last and the amp. It must be set in the first and in the last device of the signal chain.


The manual explains all the controls and, in addition, includes some settings that can be useful to set the Vortex quickly or to understand how it works. Be careful to the selector position.

  • Unchain
  • Unchain
  • Summers Time
  • Summers Time
  • Warm Tape
  • Warm Tape
  • Bold as Jimi
  • Bold as Jimi


TC Electronic produces really value products and the Vortex doesn't disappoint. This is an high-quality device and offers an excellent quality/price ratio. Very good.

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