TC Electronic Röttweiler Effects Pedal : Review


Very, very powerful

This excellent TC Electronic product has been designed to reproduce the feel of an high-gain tube amp, thanks to the analog circuit and with only quality components that make it a great protagonist among the distortion pedals in the market.
It can be an excellent solution for a cheap amp but also an added value with a good amp, thanks to the quality tone that this TC Electronic device can deliver.
An important characteristic is the Voice switch that can be used to drastically change the nature of the sound, so to adapt it to various contexts and genres. It can be used with no problems in a live context or in an home studio, but the natural context of this pedal is the live.
Obviously, it has been designed for Metal, but is flexible and capable to produce a sound that can be useful in different situations, always in the Metal world. The powerful Distortion of the Röttweiler can be used to play Hard Rock, Metal, Trash and Power Metal and so on.
It provides a true bypass that doesn't color the tone of your guitar when the effect is off.


It is equipped with the classic controls for the Distortion and with a 2-band EQ. In addition, like we have said at the beginning of this review, it provides a Voice switch that can drastically change the tone.

General opinion

Really an excellent device with a great quality/price ratio. The Röttweiler delivers a very powerful Distortion and, if the Metal is your genre, it can be really a valid solution.

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