TC Electronic MojoMojo Effects Pedal : Review


The main characteristics

If we want to synthesize the character of the MojoMojo we can say that this good pedal delivers a crisp and clear Overdrive, a powerful bottom end, and gives more body, but without changing the basic characteristics of your guitar. It delivers an open sound with little compression.
The excellent quality of every component contributes to create a great Overdrive and the Voice switch changes the bass-response and mids character. This feature, the Voice switch, can be very useful to regulate the MojoMojo in the general mix of the instruments.

The increased voltage

The circuit works at an higher voltage than the usual, if we compare this pedal to similar devices, and this characteristic generates a very dynamic and open tone. Certainly, this is an important added value that exists, generally, only in professional products.


Drive, level and the equalization section: Bass and Treble. If you want a fatter sound regulate Drive at lower settings.

High quality components

It comes with quality components. For instance, the metal-shaft potentiometers are really a pleasure.

General opinion

An excellent Overdrive with all the necessary to be used in many different contexts. It is rather transparent, and without an excessive saturation. This problem sometimes exists in devices of this type. The equalization is effective and makes a very good job. The dynamics is remarkable, above all with a single-coil. The price, about 130 euros, is justified. If we consider the versatility, the overall quality of the electronics, and the excellent signal, the final result is good.

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