TC Electronic Dark Matter Effects Pedal : Review

Dark Matter

Completely analog and with quality components

An all-analog pedal with the classic controls for the distortion and a switch that can dramatically alter the tone of this valid TC Electronic device.
In addition, it features a true bypass and is built with quality components.


Four controls and a selector, called Voice. It is very important, since it can drastically change the tone and how the Dark Matter works.

  • Gain
  • The amount of the Distortion. Generally, but it depends on many different factors, a low value can be suitable to a rhythmic context, while a greatest quantity is better for the solos.

  • Level
  • The volume.

  • Bass/Treble
  • The equalization section. Turn clockwise the lows to add more "punch". Turn the treble counterclockwise to generate a softer sound.


As we have said at the beginning of the review, this switch can drastically change the functioning of the inner electronics. Let's see the two available options.

  • Up
  • In this position the frequency response works on the input signal.

  • Down
  • The Dark Matter boosts the low-end frequencies.

General opinion

An excellent product, flexible and with a great, really great dynamics. It works really very well and produces an open and clear tone. A great added value is its transparency, so it doesn't color the original signal. According to the marketing of TC Electronic the goal of this device is to recreate the atmosphere of a Plexi. Well, perhaps it is too much, the final result isn't the same, but the Dark Matter Distortion is much natural and efficient. For the Hard Rock, but not only, it can be an excellent solution.
Like always, an excellent quality/price ratio.

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