TC Electronic Spark Effects Pedal : Review



As we know, there are many boosters on the market, and some of them, certainly, are excellent products. Today we will see the TC Electronic proposal. We can say immediatly one thing. This pedal is really interesting and, above all, much effective. As we will see during the review, it provides an additional push of 26db, an active equalization, with two knobs for bass and treble, and a 3-position switch that can completely alter the nature of the signal. Like always, with the devices of the Danish company, we have the true bypass at disposal, and an electronics of great quality, so a very clean and dynamic signal.

It can make many things

Fundamentally, it doesn't exist a single context in which the Spark Booster can be useful. Substantially, it is a solution for many problems. It can be used to add compression, to push the signal, to make the sound warmer, or even more full-bodied. It can work in conjunction with another pedal or alone. As a whole, it makes an excellent job. The final result depends only on your fantasy and knowledge of the controls. This characteristic can be a problem at the beginning, like always, when something can make many things, but the experience will transform it in an added value.

The Level knob

Generally this control is only the volume of the effect, but with this TC Electronic device is different. It adds up to a maximum of 26dB to the sound and, the most important thing, it makes it without altering the original signal, so the pedal turns out rather transparent, and this is always an appreciable characteristic. With a poor pickup, or an amp with littel gain, the result is remarkable. As we have said at the beginning, this booster is certainly efficient.

Fat, Clean and Mid

These are the three available settings, as regards the additional switch that you can see between the two knobs of the Gain and of the Level. It can completely alter the tone of the guitar and, in conjunction with the section of the active equalization, it creates a large number of different sounds and allows a remarkable versatility.

Absolutely good

My personal opinion about this pedal is certainly positive. It can be the solution to the problem in a large number of possible situations, always with a great quality of the generated audio. The Spark Booster price, 110 euros, is excellent, if we consider all the characteristics of this valuable TC Electronic product.

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