TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Effects Pedal : Review

ND-1 Nova

All the necessary for a professional result

This TC Electronic device provides 6 different ready-to-use presets and 9 user programmable memory locations, 5 controls, 5 buttons for the various functions, 2 inputs, 2 balanced outputs, a Tap tempo switch with an exclusive function to set the Delay time, with the guitar. The user can apply three different modulations to each Delay, for a great flexibility, but settings are easy and fast. It doesn't feature the true bypass, but it's not a great problem.
All these features are the base for an excellent audio quality. We will see additional audio specifications and a modded version, (iB Modified), successively.


  • Delay
  • It adjusts the time. It delivers up to 2290ms, but it depends on the selected type.

  • Feedback
  • The number of the repetitions.

  • Color
  • Basically, this is a filter, an equalizer for the high-end frequencies with three equalization types: Tape, Analog and Digital. By turning this control clockwise or counterclockwise the user can obtain a wide range of sounds. It works only on the repetitions and not on the original signal. This is very important.

  • Mod/Level and Style
  • With Style the user can select three different pitch modulations of the repeats. With Level can be modified the volume of the modulation.

  • Mix
  • The mix between the volume of the dry signal (the guitar) and the effect.

  • Subdiv
  • It works in conjunction with the Tap tempo and adjusts the subdivision (1/4, 1/8, triplets and so on).

  • On/Off
  • It can be used to turn on and off the ND-1 and also to switch between manual and preset modes. The ND-1 doesn't feature the true bypass, but i have to say that this isn't a great problem. When it is off the signal is always excellent, thanks to the high-quality electronics.

Tap Tempo

Two modalities for the setting.

  • First
  • By tapping the switch.

  • Second
  • By holding down and playing a rhythm with the guitar.


  • Line
  • Classic, with standard settings.

  • Dynamic
  • It derives from the TC Electronic TC 2290, a great device.

  • Reverse
  • The input signal is played in reverse. This creates a mysterious and exotic sound.

  • Ping Pong
  • It is perfect in a stereo context. It works alternatively in the two channels.

  • Pan
  • Similar to the Ping Pong.

  • Slapback
  • A very short delay (80-140ms).

Additional audio specifications

  • Conversion (A/D and D/A): 24 bit, 128 x
  • Dynamic range: 106/98 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Frequency Response: +0.1/-0.2 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz


It is complete and provides an exhaustive description of all the controls of the pedal, some setup examples, the presets settings and all the specifications. It can be downloaded here:

iB Modified

iB Modified

A modded version of the ND-1. The author is Massimo Mantovani, an italian professional for these things. It provides a different analog input design and some improved components. In addition it features a very transparent bypass. The strange thing is that the price of the iB Modified is the same of the of the original version!

General opinion

With this pedal TC Electronic has made an excellent product. 6 quality ready-to-use delays, all the necessary to create your own delays, a great audio quality. And settings are easy and fast. If you are looking for an high quality device for your guitar the ND-1 is an excellent solution.

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