TC Electronic Corona Effects Pedal : Review


General characteristics

It is equipped with the usual controls of the chorus more a selector to choose among 3 options. A switch located under the battery cover can be used to select 2 bypass types: true and buffered.


  • FX Level
  • At the maximum it will produce a sound that is 50% the effect and 50% the direct signal.

  • Speed
  • It works in conjunction with Depth. The mix between these two knobs can create a great number of possible options.

  • Depth
  • The range of the modulation. It deeply modifies the final result, so it must be used with care, since it is really very powerful and decisive.

  • Tone
  • In substance, this is the equalization. By turning clockwise this knob it will emphasize the lower frequencies, so it will produce a warmest sound.


With this selector the user can choose among three different types.

  • Chorus
  • With this selection the Corona will use a standard type that is derived from the TC Stereo Chorus Flanger.

  • TRI
  • A variation with the use of three stereo choruses. Obviously, with this selection it produces a very broad sound.

  • TonePrint
  • They are ready-to-use patches made by some famous guitarists (Uwe Hassbecker, Paul Gilbert, Syu, Inoran, Dave Catching, Guthrie Govan, Bumblefoot, Orianthi, John Petrucci) and by TC Electronic. They can be downloaded from the website. The Corona can be connected to your computer with the supplied USB cable.


Some samples included in the manual.

  • Pseudo Leslie
  • Pseudo Leslie
  • Austin
  • Austin
  • 80s Tri
  • 80s Tri


The TC Corona is a great pedal. It sounds very, very well and TonePrints are an important added value. The price is justified. If you are looking for a very valid chorus it can be really an excellent solution.

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