TC Electronic The Dreamscape Effects Pedal : Review

The Dreamscape

The John Petrucci world

Well, anyone knows John Petrucci, the Dream Theater guitarist, and who is a TC Electronic user knows the TonePrints system. Today we will see a signature pedal that puts together the patches that the renowned guitarist developed, more a new one for the Vortex Flanger: The Dreamscape.
It delivers 6 modulation effects: 2 Choruses, 2 Flangers and 2 Vibratos.

For the adjustings

It provides 4 controls and a switch to change the character of the sound. Obviously, it is equipped with the True Bypass, a peculiar characteristic of the TC Electronic devices. The available combinations are really numerous, and make The Dreamscape a very flexible pedal. Obviously, at the beginning, like always when there are many possible options, it can turn out too much complex, but with time everything will be more clear.


Clearly, it modifies the speed of the modulation. At the maximum value it creates a typical Leslie sound, but the final result depends very much on the selected patch.


The range of the modulation. It works in conjunction with the previous control, substantially. The combination between Speed and Depth can really create a great number of possible tones. They seem interactive, but perhaps it is only an impression. Anyhow, these two knobs, or more correctly, the combination between them, are the heart of the The Dreamscape.


The overall volume. An important thing. The original signal must be adjusted directly from the guitar. This is only the level of the effect.

Three different options

A dedicated switch provides three possible selections: BRIGHT, NORMAL and DARK. It is a sort of equalization section with the favourite setups of John Petrucci. It extends very much the versatility of the pedal and, above all, creates a perfect mix in the overall sound.


With this knob the user can choose between 6 patches, 2 Choruses, 2 Flangers and 2 Vibratos. Every modulation type features an effect for the clean and one for the crunch.


An excellent product. The superior electronics, if we compare this device to others on the market, creates a clean and dynamic signal, and all the patches work very well. Anyhow, the most important characteristic is the flexibility, really extraordinary. As regards the price, 170 euros, we cannot consider it cheap, but The Dreamscape is an high value pedal. The satisfaction is guaranteed.

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