Ibanez FL9 Effects Pedal : Review


Not easy to use

It is not immediate. If you have no experience with the Flanger controls you will not obtain a good result quickly. A bit of time, in order to exploit at the maximum this pedal, is necessary. But it is flexible, substantially doesn't disappoint, and makes a good job.


Let's analyze them with a brief explanation of their function.

  • Speed
  • It varies the sweep rate.

  • Width
  • With this knob you can control the amount of sweep deviation.

  • Regen
  • Turn it clockwise to add depth.

  • Delay Time
  • It adjusts the central frequency of the sweep on which the effect is generated.


Warm, creamy and melodic. Much definite. With some settings it can seem too much thin, but as soon as you will learn how to use the controls, everything will improve. The FL9 can render the sound richer and with more punch.


It works very well, and is different from other similar products on the market. At the beginning it can be difficult to use, but with a bit of experience everything will be fast and easy. The FL9 is, in my opinion, one of the best Flangers on the market and the price is coherent with the overall quality of the pedal.

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