Ibanez AF2 Airplane Effects Pedal : Review

AF2 Airplane


  • Manual
  • The Delay time. Turning the knob to the right produces a Flanger, to the left a Chorus.

  • Speed (Taxi)
  • The AF2 provides two different Flanger types, each with a dedicated control for the speed.

  • Range
  • It changes the oscillation range of the effect.

  • Enhance
  • The feedback volume.

  • Speed (TAKEOFF)
  • The speed of the second Flanger.

This is what Paul Gilbert said about the TAKEOFF:

"It produces a continuous sweeping oscillation. It is similar to a Whammy."

Valid and versatile

The price is 190 Euros. My opinion is that it is justified, if we consider the overall quality of the product. Yes, perhaps you pay also the signature of Paul Gilbert, but the AF2 is versatile and can make a good job in many different contexts. In the manual there are some rather interesting settings that can be a good starting point. Moreover, it is silent and is equipped with the true bypass.

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