Ibanez JEMINI Effects Pedal : Review


Flexible and with separate controls

It is equipped with two independent circuits, we can say two channels: the first is an Overdrive, the second is a Distortion. Each provides 3 controls: Level, Drive, Tone. An interesting thing is that each channel has separate knobs, an added value that increases the flexibility.

Front panel


Drive will increase saturation and sustain when turned to the right. Tone works on the high frequencies that increase when the knob is turned to the right and decrease when it is turned to the left. Level is, obviously, the effect volume.


The JEMINI is equipped with a switch, rather particular. It is curious and, in my opinion, useless. There are 2 modes. Bright: The Led becomes brighter when it's difficult to see, for example in the daytime. The exhaustion of the battery is faster. Consumes up to 49mA current (when the red light is ON). When the switch is on the second position, Save, it helps to diminish the exhaustion of the battery. It consumes up to 23mA current (when the red light is ON).

The Bright/Save switch


Rather classic, perfect for Rock and Blues, but also for a moderate Metal. It has a flexible tone and can be used really in many different contexts. My opinion is that this device can be considered a single pedal with a TS9 and a Boss DS1 inside, but a Boss DS1 with a more robust distortion. Perhaps the only problem comes if your guitar has an high output pickup and the Drive is at the maximum level. In this context it delivers an annoying hum, but the problem can be easily solved with the volume on the guitar.
However, the main characteristic of the JEMINI is the versatility, really excellent.


1 input and 1 output. The image below shows the representation of the possible connections.

Connections with guitar and amp

Power supply

It can work with a 9V battery or with an AC adapter. The input jack works as a power supply switch, so, when the cable is into the input, it will be switched on. The battery is inside the pedal on the right and the replacement operation is very simple and fast. The weight is 880g, with the battery.

Battery replacement


It is not cheap, the price is about 175 Euros, but it's a quality product. However we must consider the remarkable versatility of this device and also the excellent sound. On this point of view the JEMINI is a good purchase.

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