Ibanez AD9 Effects Pedal : Review



It is a very simple pedal with the classic knobs for this effect type. Let's see a brief description of the 3 available controls.


At the minimum value it produces only the original signal of the guitar. Turning this knob clockwise it increases the quantity of the effect. At the maximum value the two signals are equivalent.


It adjusts the Feedback. With a low value of the Delay Time it modifies the tone of the sound. If we want, in this case, it works like an equalization, and produces, substantially, a Reverb. When the Delay Time is high it determines the number of repeats.


It works, like we said, in conjunction with Repeats. It adjusts the duration of the effect. At a low value the pedal produces a very pleasant Reverb.


The most important characteristic of the AD9 is, certainly, the warm tone. Really beautiful and much Vintage. This Ibanez pedal is, in effect, a classic device. It is perfect for those who are looking for something much similar to the analog sound of the '70s. In this context the AD9 is a perfect choice. Obviously, who wants a very clean and brilliant signal, typical of the digital world, should choose another product. 1 Input and 2 Outputs (Mono or Stereo).

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