Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter Effects Pedal : Review

ES2 Echo Shifter


If we want, we can devide controls of the ES2 in 3 main groups. In addition it is equipped with a Tap Tempo switch.

Main controls


The Feedback adjusts the number of the repetitions of the signal. The Oscillation switch increases the gain of the Feedback and makes the oscillation easier and natural.

First group


Mix is, as a matter of fact, a Level. It adjusts the volume of the effect. The slider controls the delay time (30ms - 1000ms).

Second group


The Modulation switch activates, or deactivates, the modulation of the effect. When it is active the ES2 allows the control of the depth.

Third group

Tap switch

The user can set the time tapping this switch 2 times.

Power supply

It can be powered with a 9V battery or with an AC adapter (Ibanez AC509, optional). When the plug is inserted into the input jack the ES2 is active, so it must be removed when it isn't necessary, but this isn't always possible. I have to say that this is a problem that generates a short battery life.

A good pedal with a nice retro style

In the last years many companies have produced devices that are a mix between an analog product and a digital product. The great advantage of a similar solution is that an analog electronics delivers a more natural sound, but with the flexibility that the digital allows. The best of the past and of the modernity.
The street price of the ES2 Echo Shifter, about 140 euros, is good. A valid delay device with a nice retro style.

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