Ibanez CS9 Effects Pedal : Review


Analog as the original

The CS9 has been a successful Ibanez pedal, so it's not a surprise if the Japanese company has decided to produce a reissue that shares with the original version the same circuitry and the same simplicity.


It is very simple. Only 2 knobs for the adjusting of the sound: Speed and Width.


The rate of the variation of the delay time that generates the effect. The time can go from 3.2ms to 8.5ms. The speed range is 0.3Hz — 3Hz.


This knob adjusts the depth of the chorus.


It doesn't disappoint. It is different from other products on the market. In a digital world an analog pedal is a rarity, but the quality pays! Notwithstanding only two controls the CS9 turns out very versatile and capable to produce many different chorus types, but always with a distinguishing and pleasant warmth.
It is a bit noisy, but this is absolutely normal in an analog pedal.

General opinion

In its price range the CS9 is the best chorus in the market. It's my personal opinion, obviously, but if you use it in your effects chain you will love it.

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