Fender Competition Distort Effects Pedal : Review

Competition Distort

Style of the '70s

Few words for a very simple and intuitive pedal. The orange colour and the maroon strip remind the '70s, in the look, certainly, but not only. Also a "Mustang" style is rather clear.
Just three controls for this device, the classic controls of a distortion pedal: Tone, Gain and Level.

A classic crunch

The '70s are not only in the look of the Competition Distort, but also in the sound. It is, in fact, inspired to the classic crunch of those years, with a great sustain and a remarkable sensibility to the dynamics on the strings and to the input volume, so, the guitar volume.
The output gain is remarkable, so it can be coupled also with a solid state amp to boost the sound. The result is very interesting, if we consider the price range.

Simple and classic

The image below shows the available controls. As we can see, they are the classic knobs for the adjusting of this type of effect. I have to say that the Tone knob can be really dangerous. It can produce really a terrible collateral effect, sometimes. So, it must be used with awareness. At he same time, the Gain isn't explosive, but, anyhow, it turns out sufficient in many different contexts.

Three knobs at the user disposal


Considering the cost, really low, it is a very valid device, with a rather interesting quality/price ratio. With few and intuitive controls it delivers an excellent sound. It is the classic distortion of the '70s, so this Fender product is an honest pedal that can be considered suitable to the Classic Rock, above all. Cheap but efficient.

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