Fender Competition Delay Effects Pedal : Review

Competition Delay

Very simple

Fender is a colossus in the world of the six and four strings, a giant in the world of the amplification, but when we speak about effects the important names are Boss, Digitech, TC Electronic and so on. With the Competition series Fender proposes some very simple pedals at a cheap price.

General features

3 controls: Feedback, Delay Time and Level. It features two outputs, notwithstanding the low price, so it can be used in a stereophonic context. I have to say that a Delay up to 300ms isn't extraordinary, but this is the maximum available. Anyhow, for a general purpose, it is an acceptable value. Moreover, the circuit of this pedal is analog, so the sound is rather warm and pleasant. And this is an important added value that we must consider.

The Vintage look

As we can see in the image below, the look of this pedal is really neat, also in the box. Clearly, the American company wants to take advantage of its extraordinary history in the guitar world.

The box is much neat


Well, it is certainly transparent and this is a guarantee of good quality. The two outputs are an added value. The price is good. If you are looking for a very simple solution for the delay of your guitar it can be a good solution at a low price. Obviously we cannot consider this pedal as definitive, 300ms is a too much short time, but in many contexts it can make a very good job.

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