Fender Competition Chorus Effects Pedal : Review

Competition Chorus

The Vintage look

Chorus, this is, simply, the name of this pedal of the Competition Series. The device is very simple, with the classic controls, a Vintage look and the added value, for a product in this price range, of the two outputs.

How it works

Basically, it is surprising, above all versatility. Controls are really efficient and the Mix knob lets you choose witch is the best balance between the original signal and the effect. It turns out suitable both to clean tones and distortions, and the result is always pleasant. Really surprising. As we can see in the image below, this pedal puts at user disposal the classic knobs for the Chorus, but, as we have said at the beginning of the review, it turns out much efficient. Fundamentally, despite the overall semplicity, we can consider this Fender product rather flexible. And the final result is very good.

Simple, but efficient


Another characteristic that makes the Competition Chorus rather flexible is the availability of two outputs. If we consider the price range, it costs only 65 euros, this is an important added value.

The available jacks


The quality/price ratio is really excellent. This device produces a quality sound, is versatile and always balanced, and it offers the added value of the two outputs. Another important characteristic. In spite of the analog circuit, it turns out really quite. This is, certainly, the proof of a modern and efficient electronics.

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