Digitech TR-7 Effects Pedal : Review


Simple, but much flexible

It provides three controls and a knob to choose among 7 different ready to use types.


The speed of the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator).


The intensity. At the minimum it produces a subtle effect. At the maximum it is deeper and more present.


It works in conjunction with Type. It modifies some parameters that depend on the selected option. In the manual there is the list of all the parameters that can be adjusted. Obviously, a correct and complete use of this knob guarantees a great flexibility.


The TR-7, like we have said at the beginning of this review, provides 7 different ready to use types. Now we can see the list of the available options and the parameters, in brackets, controlled by Modify.

  • Tremolo
  • Basic, with a variable waveform. (Waveform).

  • Opto
  • The emulation of the Tremolo produced by a Vintage Fender amp. (Tone).

  • Bias
  • The emulation of a Vox. (Tone).

  • Duo
  • Double. The 2 effects are connected in Series. (Speed of the second).

  • Rotary
  • The sound produced by the famous Leslie. (Dry level).

  • UltraVibe
  • A mix between a Chorus and a Vibrato. (Mix).

  • VibroPan
  • Very particular. It is a 2-voice Vibrato. (The phase of the two voices).

Tap Tempo

A useful function of the TR-7 that can be set in real time with the footswitch. It adjusts the speed of the modulation variation.

General Opinion

The HardWire Series is well known for the quality of its devices. High voltage operation, a true stereo processing and the true bypass are the main characteristics of this Series. Obviously, these Digitech pedals produce an high quality sound and they are always an excellent choice.
The TR-7 is very complete, with all the necessary to get the best result, and the tap tempo is an important added value.
The quality/price ratio is excellent. If you are looking for a quality product for Tremolo and Vibrato it can be the ideal solution, and it cannot disappoint.

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