Digitech RV-7 Effects Pedal : Review


Very interesting

Certainly, among the products of this type, one of the best in the market. The collaboration with Lexicon cannot be considered only a marketing operation, like sometimes happens. As a whole, the overall quality of this pedal is remarkable, and the final result cannot disappoint. Moreover, it is really user friendly. In addition, it belongs to the well-known Hardwire series. So, quality, efficiency and reliability. As we have said it is really simple, but let's see the available controls.


  • Level
  • This knob, obviously, adjusts the volume.

  • Leveliness
  • The equalization. It adjusts the high frequencies response. By increasing this control the sound will become brighter, more brilliant and open.

  • Decay
  • The time necessary for the reverb fade-out. Substantially, it modify the length, the duration.


The RV-7 provides seven Lexicon reverbs that can cover all the possible necessities and musical styles.

  • Room
  • It provides a fast decaying. It is universal. Useful in many different situations.

  • Plate
  • The classic solution for the recording studio.

  • Reverse
  • Like the name suggests, this is a reverb in reverse with a growing volume.

  • Modulated
  • Perhaps, this is the best. It is perfect for chords.

  • Gated
  • It is ideal for percussive playing. It has a very fast decay.

  • Hall
  • A warm decay. This is perfect for arpeggios.

  • Spring
  • A classic. This is the typical "surf" reverb. If you play classic Rock this is for you.

General opinion

Well. My impression is absolutely positive. In my opinion this is one of the best reverb pedals in the market. The quality is excellent, the bypass is a true bypass, and the HardWire Series is a guarantee. The constant high-voltage operation is the proof of a very advanced electronics. It ensures the excellence of the signal, and avoids the classic buzz. The RV-7 price, 130 euros, is justified. Really a good choice.

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