Digitech iPB-10 Multieffects Review



The iPB-10 represents a new concept of multieffects. The use of the iPad, in conjunction with the physical pedalboard, allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual devices with the simplicity of the drag and drop design.
For each pedalboard the user can utilize up to 10 virtual devices that can be organized in any order. It depends on your fantasy.

The flexibility is guaranteed

It provides all the necessary, with no limits to your fantasy.


  • Wah
  • DigiTech Full Range, Dunlop Cry Baby, Vox Clyde McCoy.

  • Compression
  • Boss CS-2, MXR Dynacomp.

  • Noise Gate
  • DigiTech Auto Swell.

  • Distortion
  • Arbiter Fuzz Face, Boss (DS-1, MT-2, OD-1, SD-1), DOD 250, Demeter Fuzzulator, DigiTech (Death Metal, Grunge), Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, Fulltone OCD, Ibanez (TS-808, TS-9 Tube Screamer).

  • Chorus
  • Boss CE-2, DigiTech Dual Chorus, Electro Harmonix Small Clone.

  • Flanger
  • ADA, DigiTech Filter, Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress.

  • Phaser
  • DigiTech Triggered Phaser, Electro Harmonix Small Stone, MXR Phase 100.

  • Pitch
  • Boss OC-2 Octaver, DigiTech (Detune, Harmony Pitch, Whammy).

  • Vibrato/Rotary
  • DigiTech Vibro/Pan, Unicord Uni-Vibe.

  • Tremolo
  • DigiTech ScatterTrem, Fender Opto Tremolo, Vox Bias Tremolo.

  • Delay
  • Boss DM-2, Maestro Echoplex EP-2.

  • Reverb
  • EMT 240, Fender Twin, Lexicon.


The iPB-10 provides the emulation of 54 famous amps, like the '57 Fender Tweed Deluxe Reverb, the '60 Gibson GA-40, the '62 Vox AC15, the '57 Fender Blonde Bassman and many others.


Every effect can be coupled to an amp and to a cabinet. The user can choose among 26 different options.

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