Digitech RP355 Multieffects Review


A machine for the emulation

This Digitech product, with a remarkable audio quality, lets you simulate the sound and the feel of a large number of devices, thanks to the new Audio DNA2 processor. In addition, it provides a valid recording software, Cubase LE, version 4, a looper (20 seconds) and all the necessary for the guitar setup, like, for instance, a tuner.

  • Tone Library
  • 34 amp types with the characteristic tone suitable to many music genres: Blues, Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz and so on.

  • Cabinets
  • 18 different types.

  • Effects
  • 30 (up to 11 simultaneous), Lexicon Reverbs and up to 5 seconds of Delay time.

  • 140 patches
  • 70 are factory presets. The user can edit and save the other 70.

Drum Machine

With the looper, that can record audio up to 20 seconds, and 60 drum patterns, with 5 metronome settings, the RP355 is perfect for practice and jamming. In addition, thanks to the AUX IN input, the user can connect an external player.


As we can see in the image below, the user has 6 knobs at his disposal. Everything is fast and easy.



2 x 1/4" and 2 x balanced XLR. A switch lets you optimize the signal for an amp or for another device, like a mixer or a recorder.

Drivers, Firmware and Manual

The manual explains all the functions of the floorboard and how to make the factory reset, but there are no information about drivers and firmware update. Anyhow it includes a full explaination of all the available patches and, in addition, the list of all the parameters that can be controlled with the expression pedal.

General opinion

A good product. The RP355 is an excellent solution for the beginner that wants a complete floorboard at a good price. The 2 XLR outputs are an important added value.

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