Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper : Review

JamMan Stereo

The final result can be remarkable

At the moment of the purchase it stores up to 35 minutes of audio with the availability of 99 memory locations. Anyhow, the capacity can be increased up to 16 hours, thanks to the slot for an SD card. Like the name suggests, this is a stereo device. The user can build a very complex loop. Two inputs and two outputs allow a complete control of the job.

The JamManager

The presence of the USB and the availability of a dedicated software allow an advanced and comfortable organization of the loops. Everything can be transferred to the PC and recovered in a second moment.


All the necessary is present and immediatly available


A multi-functional knob. Normally, it selects the memory locations. In other modalities it can adjust the time signature or it can be used for the choice of the rhythm guide, for instance.

4 volumes

4 volumes. In the image above we can see on the left the two knobs for the volume of the loop and of the rhythm guide track. On the right we see the two controls for the signals of the main inputs. The JamMan Stereo features two inputs for the instruments, an XLR for a mic (but without the Phantom Power, so the user cannot connect a condenser microphone) and an Aux In for a CD or an MP3 player.

Auto Rec

It activates a function that starts the recording only when it receives a sufficient signal. If it is pressed together with Shift it alternates the playback type. Let's see the two available modalities.


The selected patch will play continuously.


Only one time.

Reverse (Rhythm Type)

It executes the current selection of the memory on the contrary. Together with Shift it activates the choice of the rhythm guide. The JamMan Stereo provides 9 options that are suitable to many different styles and genres.

Dry Defeat (Time Signature)

It can be very useful when the looper is connected with an amp through the Send & Return. Alternatively, it activates the adjusting of the time signature.

Rec Mode

With this button the user can choose among the available inputs for the recording (mic, instrument, Line In). There are also 2 possible options that can be used together: Full Range Amp and Minus Center. Together with Shift it selects one of the 3 Stop Modes available (Stop, Finish and Fade).

  • Minus Center
  • It deletes all the audio material common to both stereo channels (usually lead vocals or some instruments).

  • Full Range Amp
  • It uses a particular equalization that has been designed with a purpose. When the loop will be played in a guitar amp it will retain the original frequency response.

Sound and conclusions

Specifications are of great level: 24-bit conversion and the 44.1 kHz sampling rate are a guarantee. The slot for an SD card, or SDHC, eliminates every possible problem with the capacity of the memory, and all the necessary functions for a good job are present. As regards the inputs and the outputs this device is really complete and allows a great flexibility. The price is not low, like always with Digitech, but this is a quality product. In my opinion the JamMan Stereo can be a good choice for who is looking for an advanced looper.

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