Digitech JamMan Solo Looper : Review

JamMan Solo

Up to 35 minutes

Designed for guitar and bass can store up to 35 minutes of audio. A slot for an SD card improves the storing capacity up to 16 hours. It's not all. The USB port and a dedicated Digitech software, JamManager, make easy the organization of the loops directly on the PC. An interesting feature is the possibility of speeding up or slowing down the recorded audio without changing the pitch. Fundamentally, a good product that cannot disappoint. Let's see a description of the main functions and the most important characteristics.

Few buttons and knobs make it easy and fast

  • Select
  • With these two buttons the user can select the patches. A small 2-digit display shows the number of the patch. The display shows some important information also in other occassions, as for instance the setup options, the file deletion, the procedure for the storing and the copy or the card formatting.

  • Rhythm
  • The JamMan Solo provides a specific track for a rhythm guide. The volume can be adjusted with this knob.

  • Store
  • Obviously, the function is rather intuitive. It stores and copies the loops. But not only. It can be used also to delete the current selection. To get the result it must be pressed for a short period. In addition, if it is pressed together with Tempo it activates the general Setup.

  • Tempo
  • Simply, it changes the tempo of the current patch.

  • Level
  • The general volume.

Auxiliary Input

Much useful. It can be used to record a track from a CD, an MP3 player or any other source. Jack is 1/8" and the signal is recorded in Mono. An additional inpun increases the versatility of this Digitech device.


Another very useful function that cannot lack in a modern device that, in this way, can be connected to a PC, or to a Mac, obviously. As we have said at the beginning of this review, with a dedicated software, JamManager, the user can organize the work and all the patches. This software is completely free and must be downloaded from the Digitech website.


SD Card Slot

The internal memory allows 35 minutes of audio, but the capacity can be increased up to 32GB with an SD card. Objectively, 32GB is an enormous space.

Additional Footswitch Input

Allows the connection of a secondary footswitch (FS3X) that can be used for the selection of the patches, the modification of the time, and also for some functions, as for example the Undo.

Rather expensive, but valid

Certainly, an excellent looper. It is equipped with all the necessary for a fast and easy job, and the general quality is much valid. The JamMan Solo isn't cheap, it costs approximately 190 Euros, but the requested price is, in my opinion, justified. Used it can be really a bargain.

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