Digitech Turbo Flange Effects Pedal : Review

Turbo Flange

Controls and Settings


The speed of the sweep.


Much simple. The depth of the effect.


It is essential to find the best sound you are looking for. It adjusts the amount of the Feedback. If Rise/Fall (one of the 7 different Flanger types) is selected, it creates a rising sweep, if you set the knob between the minimum and 12 o'clock positions. Set it between the 12 o'clock and maximum positions to create a falling sweep.


  • Voice 1
  • The classic Flanger.

  • Voice 2
  • Guttural and growling.

  • Voice 3
  • Tube-like and warm.

  • Rise/Fall
  • It works in conjunction with the Regen. It creates a rising Flanger between Minimum and 12 o'clock position of the Regen, and constant between 12 o'clock and maximum.

  • Trig Up
  • The Flanger starts at the bottom of its sweep.

  • Trig Down
  • At the top of its sweep.

  • Step
  • Random.

The Speaker Emulator

Much useful if you insert the pedal directly into a Mixer or a recorder. It works well.

Final comment

Well. What to say. I believe that it can be useful or not. It depends on what you need. If you are looking for an analog sound the Turbo Flange is not the best choice. It sounds just a bit like a software plug-in. A bit too much digital. But i have to say that it is very much flexible, and tweaking a bit with the controls you can find a good tone. The 7 different types cover a great range of possible Flangers.

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