Digitech iStomp Effects Pedal : Review


A total innovation

A very interesting product that can be many different things at the same time. We put it in the distortion section just for an organization reason, but it can be a distortion pedal, an Overdrive, a reverb, a chorus or any other effect.
In fact it can be controlled via an iPod, an iPhone or an iPad. Just download the application you want from the Digitech Shop App and, with the included Smart Cable, change the application on the iStomp. It's all.
At the moment there are more than 20 different applications. The first costs 0.99 dollars, the others will cost 4.99 dollars.

The list

  • Compressor
  • Red Compressor
  • DOD FX25
  • Octaver
  • Screamer
  • Amp Driver
  • Glimmer Drive
  • Rock It Distortion
  • Rodent
  • Death Metal
  • Face Fuzz
  • CE Chorus
  • Blue Pearl Chorus
  • Jet Flanger
  • Flanger Affair
  • Phaser Beam
  • Stone Phase
  • Opto Tremolo
  • DM Delay
  • Vintage Tape Delay
  • 240 Plate


In the image below we can see the two inputs and the DSC port. It is used for programming the pedal from an iOS device. The necessary requirements are iOS 4.0, or later, and an iTunes account.

Side A

The two jacks for the outputs and that for the power supply (PS0913DC). It is included in the box.

Side B

Rather expensive

The iStomp price, about 100 euros, is good, but we cannot consider the apps cheap. Anyhow, the final result is amazing, above all with Reverbs and Delays, really of great quality. As a whole, a good product, and it is, obviously, a real innovation.

Other reviews

Effects (Pedals and Floorboards)

  • Distortion | Boss

    Very simple but efficient. Few controls produce a good sound, creamy and warm. In the manual there are some interesting distortions ready to use. The price is valid. It can be a low-cost alternative to an Ibanez Tube Screamer.

  • JamMan
  • Loop | Digitech

    Thanks to the use of a Compact Flash card it can store up to 6 hours of audio. This looper isn't a cheap product, but the quality costs, and all the necessary for a good work is present. It is equipped with the USB.

  • CH-1
  • Chorus | Boss

    A good quality/price ratio. The CH-1 ideal context is the effects loop, the acoustic guitar and a clean sound. The equalization is really much effective and can solve many problems. With Rate and Speed the final result can be optimized.


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