Digitech Tone Driver Effects Pedal : Review

Tone Driver

Flexible and versatile

Digitech has designed the Tone Driver with the intention to provide a very flexible product. The Morph knob, in fact, allows a great range of Overdrives that can go from an edgy tone to a warm and delicate tone. Perhaps, the only context in which it is not usable is the Metal.

Simple, but with various options

Four knobs for the adjusting: Level, Tone, Gain and Morph.


It adjusts the difference, the mix, if we want, between the original signal and the effect.


The equalization. By increasing it you will add high frequencies, making the sound brighter and with more attack. By turning it to the left it will make it darker and more delicate. I have to say that, in a position near to the maximum, therefore with a great quantity of treble, the Tone Driver becomes slightly hissing. It isn't a great problem, but it can be annoying, in some circumstances.


Firstly, even increasing it at the maximum, the pedal turns out rather transparent. Non completely, a slight coloration of the original signal is present, but on the whole it respects the guitar tone. The weak point, in my opinion, is another. The dynamics is always poor, and it seems a problem that cannot be solved. It is a sin, since the overall result is good and pleasant, but my personal impression is this.


Fundamentally, three different options. It allows the blending of three Overdrives, so to obtain a wide variety. The minimum position produces an edgy Overdrive with boosted mids. The central position provides a smooth, natural effect. Much warm. The maximum provides a large gain quantity.

Overall opinion

It is much flexible, like i said at the beginning of this review. The user can easily obtain the desired result, really without problems. It is perfect for Blues and Rock, or also to warm a too much cold clean sound. Like i said, the only context in which it is not suitable is Metal. It can be a bit noisy but it's not a great problem. The Mixer output, with the speaker emulator, makes a great job. Like always. The Tone Driver is much flexible and you will use it in many different contexts.

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