Digitech Screamin' Blues Effects Pedal : Review

Screamin' Blues

Simple but efficient

4 controls, Level, Low, High and Gain, so a very easy pedal that can make a good work, considering the price, undoubtedly valid. It can be a good low-cost solution for a basic Blues sound. Flexible, but without a strong characterization.


2 outputs: AMP, for a direct connection to the amplifier, and MIXER, for a mixer or a recorder. AMP features a basic speaker emulator.

Quite and with a good quality/price ratio

The Screamin' Blues is rather quiet, at least until the 70% of the gain. The tone is bright and clear, rather cutting. It adds clarity to the sound, you can hear it as soon as you use it. More. It adds also volume, but without changing the original signal. The overall result is good.
At a low value of the gain it produces a pleasant overdrive, while, adding more gain, it adds more harmonics and sustain.

The best setup

It can be an excellent solution for a solid state amp. In this context it will boost your sound and will add dynamics and volume with a good result, considering the price, rather low. The Screamin' Blues is much robust, like any other Digitech product.

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