Digitech SC-2 Effects Pedal : Review


4 knobs and a switch

It provides the classic four controls but, in addition, it is equipped with a switch for the choice between 2 Distortion modes.

  • Crunch
  • It creates a sound with mids that cut through the drums, like Digitech says. Substantially, a classic and balanced distortion, very open in the tone.

  • Saturated
  • It adds more gain and boosts the sound at a very high level, increasing the available amount of sustain. Perfect for solos.

Crunch and Saturated


Briefly, the main characteristics of the electronics.

Input/Impedance500 kOhms (1/4")
Output/Impedance1 kOhm (1/4")
Power Supply9 V Alkaline Dry Battery or PS200R power supply
Battery life19 hours
Power Consumption190mW
Weight1.3 lbs.

High voltage and true bypass

The tone is amazing, perfect for the 80's Rock, like Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue and so on. Substantially, it is rather flexible, since, when a device produces a good sound, it can be used in many different contexts, and the SC-2 delivers a good sound. With a careful use of the controls you can get the tone you need in a flash. It features a true Bypass, so, when the effect is off, it doesn't modify the tone of your guitar, another added value of the HardWire Series. Moreover, it works at an higher voltage than the normal, so to preserve, again, the original guitar tone. Generally, this type of devices works well with solid state amps, but i tested it also with a tube amp and i loved the result.


All the products of the HardWire Series include some accessories that allow an easy and fast setup of the device in a pedalboard.


An amazing tone at a very good price

The SC-2 is a very interesting product. You can use it in clean contexts or in an High Gain context. No problem. It will make an excellent job. The price, 99 Euros, is absolutely justified, so the opinion is rather positive.

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