Digitech Metal Master Effects Pedal : Review

Metal Master

Three options

It is equipped with the AudioDNA technology, an important evolution in the signal treatment. Differently from other pedals of the same type, it doesn't provide only a distortion and a single tone control, but three different options and two knobs for the equalization. We will see, afterwards, if it keeps the promises or not. In addition, like many other devices of this company, it has two outputs, one for the amp and one, with a very simple speaker emulator, for a mixer or a recorder. Fundamentally, it is very user-friendly. Let's see it in detail.

Volume, equalization and type

  • Level
  • Like always, the general volume. An important thing: it modifies the level of the effect, not of the original signal, that must be adjusted directly on the guitar.

  • Low
  • As we have said at the beginning of this review, the Metal Master is equipped with two knobs for the equalization, this is the first. It operates, obviously, on the low frequencies. Sometimes the sound can turn out too much confused. In this case, turning the control counter-clockwise can improve the situation. The final result is much more clean.

  • High
  • It increases, or decreases, the presence of the treble. At the maximum it is too much metallic, but perhaps it is only an impression or the result of my system for the test. There are too many variables that must be considered. Anyhow, the general impression is that it must be used carefully.

  • Morph
  • Like the name suggests, this pedal is specific for a musical genre. This selector puts three different solutions suitable to the Metal at disposal, but with many variations, according to the position of the knob. From the minimum to the maximum, it can produce a very smooth high-gain sound, a remarkable quantity of mids, and a very powerful and compact signal.

The speaker emulator

Two different outputs. The first has been designed for an amplifier, while the second is equipped with a speaker emulator, so to be used directly in a mixer or in a recorder.

Good, but noisy

Considering the price, a good product. It is rather noisy. The sound is just a bit too much digital and the EQ section is not so effective. The Morph knob promises to provide three different distortions, but the truth is that the Metal Master produces a single distortion that is good if you play only Heavy Metal, but difficult to control if you play something other. Anyhow, in some specific contexts, it can be a good solution, among other things rather cheap.

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