Digitech Lyra Eternal Descent Effects Pedal : Review

Lyra Eternal Descent

A limited edition

A particular stompbox, a limited edition, that provides 7 tones. They are taken from the Eternal Descent soundtrack, a comic book/CD.


4: Level, Gain, FX MIX and Lyra.


Simply, it adjusts the amount of the effect.


It provides 7 different options.

  • Crystal Cascade
  • Brilliant, clean and with a delay.

  • The Morass
  • Supernatural, mysterious and with the addition of the Phaser.

  • Ethereal Entity
  • Much saturated and with a slow attack, with a reverse delay.

  • Divine Lead
  • A Rock Distortion with the addition of an octave.

  • Lyra's Lightning
  • A very strong lead with a delay.

  • Dark Blues
  • Natural, sweet and with a plate reverb.

  • Crushing Chaos
  • A great amount of Gain and a Flanger.

It can be useful

Rather strange, but in some contexts this Digitech product can be useful to create particular atmospheres. As a whole, the final result is good. The quality of the signal is remarkable. As regards the price, currently it is too much expensive. 130 euros is an exaggeration for a similar pedal, if we consider the limited utilization.

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