Digitech Hot Rod Effects Pedal : Review

Hot Rod

It makes a good job

It is flexible and comes with a great quality/price ratio. Moreover, it is equipped with 2 outputs, that we will see later, and that make it also versatile and suitable to different contexts.

3 in 1

A warm and sweet tone, a British Stack sound and an high gain fuzz distortion. The heart of this pedal is the Morph knob that lets you select gradually among the three types. So it turns out rather flexible and can produce a large number of different sounds that can be suitable to various musical styles, from classic Rock and Blues to Heavy Metal.
Obviously, the mix between the Gain and the Morph value is the secret for a good flexibility and a bit of experience with different settings is necessary for a good result. At an high volume the Hot Rod is rather noisy, but it's not a great problem.

2 outputs

The first can be used to connect the pedal to an amp, while the second is equipped with a speaker emulator and can be connected directly into a mixer, a recorder or a soundcard.

General opinion

It can be really an excellent solution for your guitar. At a good price the Hot Rod provides a large distortions number and produces a quality sound. A good purchase.

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