Digitech Grunge Effects Pedal : Review



LOUD is, as a matter of fact, a Level control. It adjusts the volume of the effect. GRUNGE is the equivalent of the Gain and adjusts the amount of distortion. The other two knobs are for the equalization.


The double output

A common characteristic of the Digitech pedals is the double output that provides the option to send the signal directly into the amp or alternatively into the mixer or into a recorder.

Connections - Mixer, recorder, amp

Power supply

It can work with a single 9V alkaline battery, or with the optional PS200R power supply. Battery life is, approximately, 18 hours, considering a continuous usage of the device. The operation for the replacement is easy and fast.

Battery replacement


Let's see the most important technical specifications.

Input Impedance1 MOhms
Output Impedance100 Ohms
Power Consumption4.8Watts
Dimensions4 15/16"(L) x 3 1/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H)
Weight1.38 lbs.

Noisy and digital, but can make a good job

It is really noisy, above all, naturally, with an high value of the GRUNGE. This knob can be very dangerous and must be used with parsimony, or it will create a nasty sound. The digital character is present and audible.
Anyhow, it is a cheap product and with a moderate use of the GRUNGE control you can get a good result. The cost, really low, is an added value.

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