Digitech Death Metal Effects Pedal : Review

Death Metal

All for the equalization

A good device, very cheap. And with the reliability that Digitech always assures on its products. The equalization section is much complete ( Low, Mid, High) and the Level knob is the only additional control of this device. And the Gain? In the manual there is the explanation of this enigma.

A single aim

I quote the manual:
We have turned the gain up to 11 and ripped the knob off!
These words explain everything. It makes what its name says. It boosts the sound at its max level, stop! A knob for the Gain isn't necessary, since it has been designed to make only one job. Yes, the equalization section is not so much effective. At the beginning the Mid control seems to change a bit the tone, but soon a fact is clear: it delivers only one sound! There are no other choices. But It's not a great problem, if you play Metal with continuity. The only problem is that the bypass is not a real bypass. So the Death Metal is never transparent.


Outputs and speaker emulator

Like for many other Digitech pedals there are 2 outputs, one for the amp and one for the mixer, with a basic speaker emulator. Basic, but of good quality.


A good job and a good price

If you are looking for a cheap product to boost the sound of your guitar the Death Metal can be a good choice. The equalization section isn't so effective, but the sound quality is acceptable.

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