Digitech DF-7 Effects Pedal : Review


Seven models

This stompbox provides the emulation of seven famous pedals, that we will see later, and a complete parametric EQ.


6 controls, in three knobs, more one for the choice of the model.

  • Level
  • Like always, it adjusts the volume of the effect.

  • Low
  • It adds, or cuts, low frequencies.

  • Freq
  • As we have said, this device puts at disposal a parametric equalization. Here the user can choose the operational frequency of the middle.

  • Mid
  • Obviously, here the user can decide the quantity of the middle.

  • High
  • The third knob of the equalization section is specific for the treble. An important thing. For the Proco Rat it acts as a filter.

  • Gain
  • When the Big Muff is selected it doesn't adjust the gain, in itself. In this case the main function is that it modifies the sustain.


Well, now we can analyze the main characteristic of the DF-7, the emulation of seven very famous pedals. Let's see them.

  • Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
  • It is well-known for the warm and natural Overdrive. It can be used as a booster, but without too much distortion.

  • DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250
  • It was used very much in the '70s, so it recreates the typical atmosphere of that period.

  • Boss DS-1
  • There are various versions of this device. But only the first, Japanese, has made it very famous. It has been the first choice of many guitarists, such as Kurt Kobain, on the Nevermind album, Joe Satriani, Dave Navarro, John Petrucci and so on. Today, Boss is producing a new model, but certainly it is not like the first, that is really legendary.

  • Proco Rat
  • It produces a great quantity of harmonics, and also a remarkable sustain, with a great attack. It is particularly suitable to Rock solos.

  • Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
  • The complete equalization section, with separate controls for highs and lows, and parametric mids, with level and frequency, make it flexible and capable to produce a wide range of distortions. A very famous characteristic is the excellent sustain. If you are a Metal guitarist, this effect is for you.

  • Digitech Metal Master
  • It produces a sweet sound, rich in mids.

  • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
  • It creates a creamy distortion with a sweet sustain.

General opinion

It sounds well and it can be considered very flexible. The seven emulations are well realized and make it capable to be used in many different contexts. The complete equalization section is an added value. The DF-7 makes a good job.

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