Digitech CM-2 Effects Pedal : Review


Effective, transparent and quiet

A very interesting pedal, and with an excellent price. We will speak about this later. Like all the devices of the HardWire Series, it features the true bypass and an high quality circuitry. The constant High-Voltage operation guarantees a very clean signal. It can work in two different modes. The first delivers a more transparent and responsive Overdrive, while the second adds more gain and a more robust low end.

The equalization is incomplete

The lack of the control for the mids is a sin, even if this Digitech product can be considered rather flexible.

  • Level
  • Up to the value 6 it produces a very pleasant clean tone. Beyond, above all with a slight gain, it creates a good crunch.

  • Low
  • With this knob you can cut or boost the low frequency.

  • High
  • Obviously, the control for treble.

  • Gain
  • The Overdrive amount.

Two different options

As we have said at the beginning of this review the CM-2 is equipped with a dedicated switch. It offers two different operational modes that change the pedal character. It is much efficient and can really change the basic characteristics of the generated effect.

  • Classic
  • When in this mode it produces a transparent and responsive Overdrive. The Gain level is low, so it creates a moderate Crunch and a tone that is suitable to rhythms.

  • Modified
  • It adds a great Gain amount and more low end. It produces a good sound for solos with a fast attack and a valid sustain.

General opinion

Only 90 euros, this is the price of the CM-2. If we consider all the characteristics of this product we can say that the quality price ratio is really good. The lack of the control for the mids is a sin, but, anyhow, this Digitech pedal guarantees a good flexibility. The signal is slightly compressed, but for me it isn't a problem, and is very clean and silent, without buzzes or other noises.

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