Digitech DigiDelay Effects Pedal : Review



  • Level
  • The volume of the effect. The original signal can be adjusted directly on the guitar.

  • Repeats
  • The number of the repetitions. When the pedal works like a looper this control is disabled.

  • Time
  • The length of the Delay. Obviously, it works in conjunction with Mode. So the value of the parameter that is adjusted with this knob depends on the selected type. Also in this case it isn't available when the Loop function is active.


7 different types:

  • 10-250ms
  • 250ms-1 second
  • 1-4 seconds
  • Tape
  • It emulates the Delay produced from a Vintage tape recorder.

  • Modulated
  • Digital and with a Chorus applied on the repetitions.

  • Reverse
  • Repetitions are played backwards.

  • Loop
  • You can record up to 4 seconds. The DigiDelay will repeat the recording endlessly.


Good, but we know, Digitech is an excellent brand. 7 different modes and a few controls give you the possibility to obtain the sound you want in a moment. It is very easy to use and Tape creates a very pleasant Tone. But i could notice an absurd thing. When you deactivate the Delay, the effect will keep playing until the end of its value. Ok, this is not nice, but common to other devices. The great problem is when you activate it again. Here happens a strange thing. The Delay will start playing the previous effect! This is incredible. This behaviour makes it unusable in many situations. I really don't understand this thing. It's absurd.


Well. Surely, a good product, with some controls and 7 different Delays that make it flexible and easy to use. 1 Input and 2 Outputs for Mono or Stereo. The great problem is that it starts from the previous effect when you on it again. In my opinion this is a real problem.

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