Digitech DL-8 Effects Pedal : Review



  • Level
  • It adjusts the volume but, an important thing, only of the effect produced from the pedal, not the original signal of the guitar.

  • Repeats
  • The number of the repetitions that create the effect. At the maximum position it produces a continuous Delay. When the pedal works like a looper it isn't active.

  • Time
  • Obviously, this knob can be used to modify the length of the repetitions and, therefore, the time of the Delay. Like in the previous case, when the looper is active this control isn't available.

  • Tails
  • Much interesting and useful. This switch is located under the pedal. When it is selected the DL-8 will not utilize the true bypass, so, if you turn off the pedal while you are playing, the effect will continue up to its natural end. When the Switch isn't selected the effect will be cut off immediatly.


Eleven available options:

  • 0.5
  • 10-500ms

  • 1
  • 500ms-1 sec

  • 2
  • 1-2 sec

  • 8
  • 2-8 sec

  • Reverse
  • Repeats are played backward.

  • Modulated
  • Digital.

  • Analog
  • It creates a warm Delay, rather Vintage.

  • Slapback
  • From 80 to 150ms.

  • Lo Fi
  • It can be useful in some circumstances.

  • Tape
  • An Echo, like if it is produced with an old tube tape.

  • Loop
  • It executes a pre-recorded loop (up to 20 seconds).

Really a good product

The overall quality of this Digitech pedal is certainly high. It works well and it is very transparent, therefore it doesn't modify the guitar tone, thanks to the good electronics. Analog is really an excellent Delay. Warm and natural. Beautiful. The True Bypass and the Tails switch complete the characteristics, much valid, of the DL-8. It is very quiet. With 2 inputs and 2 outputs it turns out flexible and versatile. The price is proportional to the overall quality of the product.

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