Digitech XMS Main Squeeze Effects Pedal : Review

XMS Main Squeeze

A good job

A valid compressor that, at an excellent price, features all the necessary for a good result. The main characteristic of this device is the high quality circuit, with the DBX technology for the signal processing. The 2 outputs allow the connection with the amp, a mixer or a recorder. In addition it features a speaker emulator. As we know the compression, for a beginner, isn't an easy operation. A good knowledge of the use of the available controls is necessary. But, above all, the most important thing is to understand how it works.


The output volume. Obviously, we are speaking about the sound produced by the pedal. The original signal must be regulated directly with the volume knob on the guitar.


Fundamentally it makes two things. Turning this knob clockwise gradually increases the attack time and shortens the release time of the compression. Naturally, this control can drastically change the functioning of the effect and, consequently, the delivered sound.


The equalizator. This knob operates on the highest frequencies, so it can boost or cut treble.


With this control you can adjust the threshold and the output gain. By turning the knob on the left the Main Squeeze creates a medium compression and operates as a limiter of the input signal. By turning the knob on the right it produces more sustain.


As we have said at the beginning of the review it features a pair of outputs and a speaker emulator. The manual shows an image that explains the possible connections. Let's see it.



A good compressor with all the necessary controls and a good flexibility in the use, thanks to the 2 outputs. The Main Squeeze is really cheap, currently it costs only 50 euros. Yes, we cannot consider this Digitech device a modern product, but it works very well. In my opinion, at this price, it is a good bargain.

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