Digitech Multi Chorus Effects Pedal : Review

Multi Chorus

A good quality/price ratio

A real stereo circuit, therefore the sound is modulated on both outputs, unlikely other pedals where an output delivers the effect and the other one the original signal.
Notwithstanding the good price, it is a quality product, thanks to the proprietary AudioDNA processor that produces up to 16 voices. It features a speaker emulator, so it can be used directly into a soundcard or a Mixer, and a true bypass.
The Voice knob is very useful and efficient, and offers a good versatility. A particularity is that it works well also with the distortion, a difficult thing for a chorus.


  • Level
  • Like always this knob adjusts the volume.

  • Speed
  • The rate of the modulations.

  • Depth
  • This knob controls the intensity.

  • Voice
  • It adjusts the number of the modulations. At the maximum value it produces an effect with 16 voices.

The speaker emulator

The Multi Chorus can be connected directly to a mixer or a soundcard, thanks to a built-in speaker emulator that simulates a 4X10 Cabinet.


A very good chorus at an excellent price. A good choice.

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