Boss TR-2 Effects Pedal : Review


Simple and Vintage

This device periodically alters the volume without changing the original tone, and has been designed to reproduce the Tremolo of a '60s amp.
For this work it uses a low frequency oscillator (LFO) that can be modulated by the user.


Rate, Wave and Depth. Let's see a brief description of the available controls.

  • Rate
  • It adjusts the speed of the effect.

  • Wave
  • The Tremolo, like we said at the beginning of this review, periodically changes the volume, so it is like a wave. This control modifies the shape the waveform.
    At the minimum value, a triangular waveform, the TR-2 produces a smooth volume change. At the maximum, a square waveform, the changes are more sharp.

  • Depth
  • It adjusts the strength of the Tremolo. At the minimum the TR-2 doesn't produce any effect, so this control is the amount of the effect on the original sound.

Setting examples

The manual provides some setting examples. They can be useful as starting point. Let's see them.

  • Vintage
  • Vintage
  • Electric Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Switching Technique
  • Switching Technique
  • Rotary Speaker
  • Rotary Speaker

The Robert Keeley version

It exists also in a modded version with an improved circuitry and a better response. In addition it cuts noise and any signal distortion. More, it solves a small problem with the volume of the original version. Sometimes, in some circumstances, the volume drops. It's not a great problem, it happens only sometimes, but it happens.

General opinion

The TR-2 works very well and produces an high quality sound. A very good pedal but with a small problem that sometimes can be very irritating. However, it is a valid product. A good purchase.

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