Boss FRV-1 Fender '63 Effects Pedal : Review

FRV-1 Fender '63

The result of an important collaboration

The Reverb of the Fender '63 is a legend, and Boss has decided to repropose it thanks to the COSM technology. This pedal has a Vintage look, rather nice, that recalls the original amp.


The look isn't the only reference to the Fender amp. Even the available knobs are the same.


It adjusts the Reverb level, and puts at user disposal a range between the two values Wet and Dry.


The amount of the harmonics. It works like a Gain for the sound produced from a tube. This control can completely transform the sound, therefore it must be used carefully, and all the possible combinations with the other knobs must be experimented. The impression, in fact, is that it interacts with the other controls. Anyhow, this is the heart of the FRV-1. Here you decide the final result.


The equalization range. The position 1 corresponds to a deeper Reverb, while the position 10 produces a brighter effect.

Final opinion

Thanks to the excellent COSM technology the result is perfect. This Boss pedal works very well. The sound is natural, warm and enough similar to the original. In addition, it is very quiet. Obviously, it is a typical reverb of the '60s, so if you are looking for a modern tone, try something else. This isn't the product for you. As regards the price. The FRV-1 cannot be considered a cheap product, it is rather expensive.

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