Boss GT-5 Multieffects Review


For the live

It features an expression pedal, and another for the adjusting in real-time of a selected parameter. Obviously, they can be configured for many different purposes, depending on the selected patch. This characteristic makes this product a good solution if you are looking for something suitable to a Live context. Moreover, the production of the floorboard has been discontinued, therefore we can find it in the market at a very good price. Let's see some of the main functions.

The COSM technology

It has been one of the first Boss floorboards with the COSM technology included. It has been designed to create a natural distortion and the emulation of famous pedals, guitar amplifiers, speakers configurations and mic placements.

Preamp types

Let's see the list of the various COSM emulations. Generally, they are Distortions or amps. Obviously, they can be customized and saved.

  • Roland JC-120
  • Clean Twin
  • Crunch
  • Match Drive
  • Voxy Drive
  • Blues
  • BG Lead
  • Marshall MS1959
  • SLDN Lead
  • Metal 5150
  • Metal Drive
  • Custom Pre1/Pre2

250 patches

150 preset and 100 user. Every patch can be controlled in real-time via the programmable pedals, so to allow a total flexibility. For example, the expression pedal can be used for the wah or for the volume, and so on. 28 effects with a good quality: Reverbs, delays, distortions, harmonist, acoustic guitar simulator and so on. Up to 13 simultaneously. The order can be easily programmed. A function, called HRM (Harmonic Restructure Modeling), provides various synth-like sounds. On the front panel there is a button for every effect, so to turn on/off it on the fly or to easily edit it. Everything is fast and easy.

Quick settings

It has been designed to be used in real-time, also for the editing. It provides, therefore, some presets, so you can easily find the best setting for your need. Obviously, a manual editing is always possible.

General opinion

It is not more in production and it has been substituted with the GT-6. Obviously, the audio quality cannot be like the most modern Boss floorboards, but effects are of good quality, perhaps not the distortions, and various pedals make this product flexible, fast and easy to use. For a beginner that wants a quality device at a good price, the GT-5 can be an excellent solution.

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