Boss GT-3 Multieffects Review


All the necessary, but cheap

It is equipped with a preamp section, powered with the COSM technology, that emulates various Vintage and modern amps, mic placements, speakers and cabinets. Notwithstanding the price, really low, this floorboard provides some functions that normally are present only on devices of superior target. For example. The user has at disposal the Auto Riff, a pickup simulator, the EZ Mode for a quick editing of the settings, and, in addition, high quality converters (24-bit A/D and 20-bit D/A). Fundamentally, it is naturally only my personal opinion, a product that is worth more than how much it costs. For a beginner it can be a very good low-cost solution, but with all the necessary for the guitar.

340 patches

32 effects and 340 patches, 140 for the user and 200 preset. Up to 12 analog distortions and Overdrives and many other effects, like reverbs, two-voice harmony, an acoustic guitar simulator and some synth sounds. Distortions are obtained by combining the digital preamplifier and the analog section. The EZ Edit function allows a quick and easy editing. Patches can be completely controlled in real-time via the expression pedal, that can be programmed as you need. If you want to work manually, it provides some presets that make everything fast and easy. Obviously, it can be programmed in every parameter. The front panel features a dedicated button.


As we have said at the beginning of the review the GT-3 is equipped with some very modern functions. Auto Riff completes a musical riff starting from a single note, while the pickup simulator can transform an humbucker in a single-coil, or vice versa. With EZ Mode the user can modify a patch in few steps. Everything is really easy and fast.

The Send & Return

The rear panel features the option for the Send & Return, therefore the user can add his favourite pedals to the effects chain. This feature expands the flexibility of the floorboard and, considering its target, it is an important added value.

General opinion

Boss discontinued the GT-3, so you can buy it, used, at a good price. It can be a very good solution for the beginner that wants to experiment with a complete system for the guitar. At this price it can be a good choice.

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