Boss GT-10 Multieffects Review


COSM technology

The heart of the GT-10 is a totally new DSP and its COSM technology. Effects, sound and response to playing dynamics delivered from this DSP are natural and musical, with a great improvement in quality from the previous DSP generation.

Phrase Loop

It provides an on-board looper with up to 38 seconds of recording time. Thanks to this feature you can record a phrase and, while it plays, you can add effects or other phrases. Like all loopers, this function is useful also for studying and practising.

Parallel Chain

This function divides the effects chain into two. In each you can modify or add all the elements that you want. You can even arrange the order. Always separately. In addition, it provides various COSM amp models.

Quick and user-friendly

It has been planned to be quick in the use like a pedal. You can select an effect type and then use the four knobs to change the main parameters. Sure, you can quickly switch the display to deeply modify the parameters.

Controls on the Front Panel

It is a complete device processor with all the necessary to shape the sound of your guitar. Let's see controls, buttons and functions.

Front Panel

Output Level

This knob allows you to modify the overall volume for the main output and for the headphones.


Generally, creating effects with no knowledge of parameters is a difficult task. For this reason, it provides an innovative user interface to create in an intuitive way. This is possible thanks to a mix of graphical icons and intuitive terms. Just choose your basic sound and then modify it with the cursor, moving between intuitive terms like SOFT, HARD, SOLO or "FOR BACKING". Everything is truly easy, intuitive and quick.


It activates the graphic interface.


Obviously, all the stored patches can be modified. This button recalls all the parameters for the editing.


For the editing of the global settings.

Output Select

It is useful to match the output to the connected equipments.

Parameters Knobs

For the real-time adjusting.


It switches patches and allows you to modify various values.


It allows you to cancel an operation or to go back.


It alternates the two preamp channels (A and B).

E. Select

They activate or deactivate each module.

List of the modules

COMP (Compressor), OD/DS (Overdrive/Distortion), PREAMP, EQ (Equalizer), FX-1, FX-2, DELAY, CHORUS, REVERB, MASTER/PEDAL FX.


This is a multi-functional button. It can be used to execute an operation, to select patches arranged by category or to set Delay time.


It stores your patches, created or edited.

Display Mode

Use this button to alternate between various display visualizations.


It comes equipped with an onboard tuner. This button allows you to switch in the tuner.

Expression Pedal

It can control the volume or many other parameters.


These two pedals allow you to switch patches banks. Another use is for the looper. In the manual you can find other information.

CTL (control) - Pedals

You can assign various functions, like for example the two channels of the preamp or the on and off of the tuner.


First of all the quality of the sound is excellent. The new DSP makes an incredible job. Effects delivered from this jewel are much pleasant and natural. If you are not a pedals fan, use the GT-10 and you will change idea. But where Boss has made a masterpiece, is the flexibility. It is really flexible and can greatly boost your creativity. Parallel Chain is a great feature. My opinion is that, at an excellent price Boss has made a great job. It can be a great purchase.

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