Boss RC-30 Looper : Review


Main features

The two tracks are independently controllable. Each features a volume fader and a select button. Auto Rec starts automatically when it receives a signal that can come from an instrument, a microphone or an external device, for example, a CD Player. In addition, an XLR input, with Phantom Power, for a condenser microphone. The USB 2.0 port lets you import or export WAV files, from and to the PC.


All have been designed for the loops. A very interesting thing is that they can be linked to the Tempo or other parameters.


  • Type
  • We will see the list of the available types successively.

  • ON/OFF
  • The same result can be obtained by pressing the left pedal twice.


They can be used only for the playback and not during the recording.

  • Bend Down
  • A Detuner. It lowers the pitch.

  • Step Phaser
  • It is synchronized with the Tempo.

  • Sweep Filter
  • The frequency changes according to the same previous parameter.

  • Tempo Delay
  • It doesn't need an explanation.

  • Lo-Fi
  • It degrades the sound.

Flexible inputs

A Mic In, with Phantom Power. This characteristic lets you use a condenser microphone for vocal loops that depend only on your fantasy. AUX In allows the use of an external device, for example a CD-player or an MP3 player. Inst In can receive any instrument. In addition it features a 1/4" jack for a footswitch.


  • Inst In
  • 1 M ohm

  • Mic In
  • 4 k ohms

  • Aux In
  • 22 k ohms

Rhythm guide

Ten rhythms: Funk, R&B, Rock, Pop, Shuffle and so on. The user can adjust the volume, the tempo and also the Time Signature.

The USB 2.0

You can transfer your loops to a PC, or import them. The only possible format is WAV (16-bit/44.1kHz).


1.7 GB. This device can store up to 99 loops.


It works with 6 batteries or with the optional AC Adaptor (PSA-120S), that is sold separately. Other two accessories that can be sold separately are two footswitches (FS-5U/FS-6).

vs RC-20XL


Only one.

Memory and phrases

11 (16 min).

Inputs and outputs

It doesn't provide an XLR with Phantom Power and the USB.

vs RC-50


Three for each phrase. They can be used simultaneously and can include different loops, so the user can create a very complex arrangement. In addition, each channel features a dedicated footswitch.

Recording time

Both can store up to 99 patches but the RC-50 has an inferior recording time, up to 49 minutes of audio.

The display

It is wider, and shows the patches names, therefore it is more handy too.


Yes, and it can be synchronized with other devices. The RC-30 doesn't provide a MIDI feature.


In this context it is slightly superior. In fact, it features, in addition to the main outputs, 2 sub outputs and 2 inputs for additional footswitches.

The rhythm guide

Absolutely superior. Substantially, a drum machine with 379 patterns.

vs Digitech JamMan Stereo


35 minutes of audio, but an SD card slot lets you store up to 16 hours. Both provide 99 memory locations.


It provides a software for the loops organization, JamManager.

Built-in footswitches

It features 4 footswitches.

Independent tracks

Both are stereo, but the Boss product features two tracks with dedicated buttons and faders.

General opinion

The RC-30 lets you build complex loops with two tracks and the added value of several effects that can drastically modify the sound. The Mic In input is another added value, and it features the Phantom Power, so you can use a professional condenser mic. As regards the price. It costs 250 euros. If we consider all the characteristics of this product, it is good.

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