Boss RC-20XL Looper : Review


Designed for an advanced job

It has many features that make it particularly efficient. The quantization optimizes the final part of the phrase, so to obtain a perfect loop. Easy and fast. It can store up to eleven phrases, and allows a recording up to a maximum of 16 minutes. The Undo function is, obviously, very useful, and the tempo of the phrase can be adjusted in real time, without changing the pitch. The Mic input is designed specifically for the voice and this expands the versatility of the device. With the Aux In the user can easily import an audio signal from an external source, like a player or the soundcard output of the PC.


As you can see in the image above, the front panel is complete and tidy. Everything is clear and immediate. Let's see the main function of all the various buttons and knobs.

  • Level
  • Simply, the volume of the loop.

  • Guide
  • It provides a guide tone synchronized with the phrase tempo. This knob adjusts the volume.

  • Select
  • It allows the selection of the phrase.

  • Mic/Inst
  • The RC-20XL is equipped with two different inputs for the microphone and an instrument, in our case, for the voice and the guitar. Each input features a dedicated volume. An important added value of this Boss looper. The user can realize a perfect mix of the two signals.

  • Reverse
  • It plays a phrase in reverse.

  • Tap Tempo
  • It makes three things: The tempo setting, the choice of the time signature and of the guide sounds. In the manual there are all the explanations of how select each of the three functions.

  • Write
  • It stores the loop into the memory.

  • Auto Start
  • The recording starts when the looper receives a signal. It turns out very useful to get a clean file, but also to optimize the memory capacity.

  • Mode
  • It selects the recording mode. This Boss looper puts 4 modalities at the user disposal: INST/MIC, Normal, a function that cancels the central part of an audio track, and also an amp simulation.


A complete device, with all the necessary to create good loops. It provides many interesting and useful functions, and it can be used for many different purposes. Controls are clear and immediate, and they can be used quickly and without problems, also if you are a newbie in looping. The manual is complete and with all you need to learn how to use the device in a moment. The price is valid and proportionate to the quality of the RC-20XL.

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